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WordPress 3.9: Enhancements and facilities

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The new version of WordPress 3.9 has already been released and is full of improvements and facilities for site admins.

Basically, it features an updated visual editor with the following attributes:

  1. You can paste a text from your Microsoft Word into the editor and then the editor will automatically delete the special formatting instead of you.
  2. This revamped editor not only allows you to drag an image from your PC and drop it into the post, but also crop and edits it faster and easier, or even scales it until you find the appropriate size.
  3. You can also create audio/video playlists and add subtitles to videos.
  4. Users can enjoy galleries previews displayed in a grid form within the editor.

Another major refinement of the platform is connected with browsing and installing new themes.Searching for a new theme, as well as its installation, are now easier than ever because of a brand new theme browser and a completely renewed interface.

Live theme previews function is a great enhancement, too. It enables the admin to see how the site will look like after replacing a theme with another or adding/ rearranging a widget.

So, unknown admin have fun!