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The new version of WooCommerce 3.0 is available for a few days, which is known as WordPress plugin. The change in the first digit signifies major changes and upgrades to the plugin with the latest upgrade of that size was in last years June. The latest version is available for the public on the WordPress platform control panel.

We will mention the most important changes in the new version:

  • updated product gallery with new zoom, gallery view and mobile features. 
  • Improvements in performance of the plugin.
  • Add CRUD classes.
  • New CLI which is powered by the API.



Showcase your products through new overhauled gallery

The complete revision of the overhauled gallery started from version 2.6, the developers group but was not satisfied with the results and decided to make further changes, particularly in imaging and mobile devices with small screen resolution.

To achieve this goal, the company consulted the public through a survey conducted. Based on these results, the company decided to improve the usability to smartphones and adding more functionality to the overhauled gallery.


Watch for performance improvements, especially in larger stores

Each upgrade or update is primarily aimed at improving the performance and this edition is no exception. In this version the changes are enough and more aimed at e-shop with large product catalogs.
Two of the major improvements we would like to point out is:

  • Classification used to identify and display products based characteristics such as availability, promotions etc.
  • It decreased the number of queries for Upsell functions for product pages and shopping cart.

CRUD classes, what they are and how they’ll help developers

Until the release of this version were very ways for developers to enter data regarding orders, products, etc. The data recovery require developers to know the type of data you are interested to change but this is a complicated and lengthy process.
So to optimize data storage and recovery should ensure that developers would use a single “writing” method, this will be achieved with the new CRUD classes.

The benefits of this addition:

  • Now you need to know only the name of the data you are working instead of the type, or internal details.
  • Data may be moved elsewhere (custom tables) without affecting the existing code.
  • Using less code so fewer changes means more time for testing.

Manage data faster with the new CLI

Initially the new CLI will feed from the own code separate from the rest API. This means that there could be accidentally multiple copies throughout the base code. This has been addressed with the new version of the CLI.

Additional functions are also worth mentioning:

Automatic classification of tax rates, which makes it easier to add and manage new tax plans.
WordPress network has been updated so that it will add the existing users to the current store if the user already has an account on the same network (a problem which appeared in the previous version).
Improved logging process.

For more information about the new version here.