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Mobile Shopping Trends for 2017

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2016 was a pivotal year for e-commerce worldwide. Mobile and tablets came to be added dynamically to the means used so far by consumers for their purchases via Internet. 2017 will still be more challenging in general for e-commerce and more specifically for the mobile shopping, the following data will help us to draw some conclusions and to obtain a complete picture of mobile shopping.

  • According to the Pew Research over 64% of US consumers have in their possession a smartphone and 80% of owners use their smartphones for internet purchases.
  • This year the Cyber Monday was the most profitable day of electronic commerce in history since the total income only in America amounted to $ 3 billion.
  • The 98% of Americans switch between devices in the same day, with this percentage is constantly increasing.
  • The Google last year made statements and issued a series of announcements on the topic of “mobile-friendly” Internet experience, forcing the owners of the site to adapt so that the mobile experience is not to lose at all compared to fixed computers. From this statement it seems that Google sees the future growth of the market through the smartphone and wants to prepare the market.
  • It is estimated that smartphone purchases will amount to 30% of total e-commerce market in 2017.For years the mobile simply be a means for web browsing, To identify the location of the store, to find information on products of interest or to find various discount coupons. But smartphones have revolutionized the ecommerce, now we can buy directly from our smartphones any product we want.
    Catalyst for all these changes have Millennials as they are the largest consumer market volume, with the habits and preferences to a large extent shape the trends of e-commerce worldwide. Those companies in turn are looking for ways to satisfy this consumer portion to the maximum. The majority of analyzes online shopping companies predict for 2017 total revenue in the e-commerce world to tripled compared with last year and is estimated in the amount of $ 290 billion. 
    we will see some trends of mobile shopping with bases which should be up and your business:
  • Modified Mobile-friendly sites.
    Today consumers are informed daily about products and services across devices and channels. A modern web site should be the same functional and easy to use in all communication platforms and in all popular devices (android, ios, windows, linux, etc.). 
  • Imperative for Mobile-friendly content.
    Your company web site should be adapted to the specificities of each mobile platform. Also should soon include texts, fewer images, small but targeted headings and use short paragraphs. 
  • Redefine customer experience for mobile devices.
    To convince consumers to use their smartphones as a means of payment, you would have to go the online consumer experience to the next step to connect more strongly with mobile wallets. All new smartphones in circulation have mobile wallets as a default, the companies recognize their importance to the majority of the companies have their own applications (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay etc.). 
  • Business environment which must be familiar with the mobile services.
    Educate your staff and especially workers in parts sales and customer service, based on the way and seek the consumer waiting to be served as is apparent from the needs generated by the multi-channel communication. 

The trend of e-commerce for 2017 seems to focus on mobile shopping. The possibilities of the smartphone are growing rapidly, giving us more and more features to improve the purchasing “experience” of the consumer.