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Immediate and targeted communication with your audience


  • Marketing program for online audience acquisition, leads and prospects
  • Continuous improvement of your integrated online presence
  • Start with low budget and expand as you gain visitors and customers

Expand your audience and your customer base online

Today there is more competition and consumers make more informed choices. Therefore, your message must be direct, clear and persuasive. Attract your audience with personalized and relevant content to keep them engaged throughout the sales cycle and across all channels.

Strategy and Planning

  • In our initial contact you will inform us about your business goals and we will learn as much as possible about your company and your competitors
  • We will study your current online status in terms of your competition and your customers to answer questions like: Which are your main competitors and how they operate online, which are the methods and means they use to attract the public, which are the profiles of your customers, what kind of online services they use (social media, blogs, etc.)
  • Together, we will define the objectives of your marketing campaign
  • We will define the methods and communication channels that we will use during the campaign (SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media, etc.)
  • We will schedule all the actions and create your detail action plan
  • We will monitor and evaluate the results of any action in relation with the initial objectives in order to optimize the campaign

Search Engine Optimization

  • With your help we will find the most suitable and popular keywords or phrases used by your target audience to find your company or your competitors
  • We will study the content and structure of your website in order to identify elements that should be improved
  • We will perform any necessary changes to the website and we will add the proper content
  • We will create links to the website (off page optimization) from well-known directories, search engines, social bookmarking websites and blogs
  • We will install tracking tools and create reports (analytics) to continually monitor the “traffic” and the actions of your visitors
  • We will measure and monitor the results at regular intervals in order to apply the appropriate corrective actions

CRO – Website Optimization

The real success of a website reflects the conversion rate of visitors into customers or prospective customers (Conversion Rate). Optimize the performance of your pages using Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) technique. Optimization is a repetitive activity that improves the performance of a website and is always combined with the rest of online marketing actions such as SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Media marketing and email marketing. To measure performance we use the conversion rate of visitors into users that complete a desired action (a key objective).

  • We would define with you the key objectives of your website: Convert visitors into customers (purchase or order product), Subscribe in newsletter, Insert comments in blog, Fill in contact form
  • We will study your website in order to understand the components architecture and content which affect the achievement of goals
  • We will test the performance of changes using tools like Google Website Optimizer aimed for the best possible result
  • We will measure and compare the results using analytics tools

E-mail Marketing

  • Promote your products, contact your customers and your audience directly and at low cost
  • Categorize your audience in groups based on specific demographic criteria and send each group a specific message to get the optimum response
  • Create eMail lists from visitors of your corporate website and information campaigns (banners, news, articles, social media)
  • Edit your email lists through a user friendly console (import and export addresses cleaning of invalid addresses, etc.)
  • View and analyze the results of each campaign through the statistics reporting system (how many people saw and opened the e-mails, how many chose not to take in the future other messages, how many people viewed the landing page, etc.)
  • Create your messages through advanced editor. We will help you to create the email messages with the appropriate content
  • We will create for you landing pages relevant with the message of each campaign

Social Media Marketing

  • We will improve the traffic of your website by expanding your online presence through well known blogs and social media websites
  • We will help you become familiar in the use of social media to get methodically and effectively the promotion capabilities of your company
  • We will show you how to “build” your corporate presence on the most popular social media to approach more customers by improving communication with them
  • We will inform you about the basic principles of brand reputation and how to handle a bad reputation for your company
  • View with us the Social media in practice through Case studies & Labs:
  • Blogs, how we use and what they offer?
  • Facebook, Myspace
  • Microblogging, twitter
  • Video and Audio sharing, YouTube, flickr, podcasts,…
  • Social bookmarking, delicious, dig – will they raise us in search engines?
  • Location Based, foursquare – the future of social networks based on the location
  • Other networks that are hidden treasures for our success (posterous, tumblr, …)